Our Activities

Traveling Arts

JACLab creates and provides exhibitions and performances of Japanese traditional arts/crafts, music and other traditional culture for the general public in the U.S. so that people in the U.S. become familiarized with and understand various aspects of Japanese tradition and culture, by providing exhibition content to local museums, and performance content to local theaters and concert halls. 
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Youth/Family Education

JACLab provides seminars and workshops introducing Japan's various traditional arts, crafts and music to children and families in the U.S. so that young people in the US have an opportunity to learn about Japan's unique traditional culture, by providing youth camps in the summer and spring as well as various workshops.


Community Building

JACLab creates a community and facilitates dialog among Japanese culture lovers in the U.S. for those interested in various aspects of Japanese culture so that those who have similar interests in Japanese culture can exchange ideas and information about their common interests, by archiving interviews with experts in various Japanese culture fields, art collectors, music fans, etc., in the US.