Directors & Officers

Sakiko Flower, Board Member

Lea Mackay, Board Member

Lea Mackay is a human resources executive and lifelong admirer of Japanese art, culture, literature, and film. She holds a B.A. Honours degree in East Asian Studies at McGill University and an M.A. in International Affairs, focusing on Japanese foreign direct investment. Following five years in South America as an investment promotion officer liaising with Japanese multinationals and government agencies, she moved to Japan to deepen her understanding of the culture. She spent eight years there, earning an MBA and working as Director for HR and Corporate Marketing at a US multinational. She serves on JACLab's board and uses her business background to help develop JACLab’s organizational structure, governance, operations, and programs.

Mitsuko Toyama, Board Member

Mitsuko Toyama traces her appreciation for Japanese master arts and crafts back to her childhood in Japan, absorbing her father’s passion for the kimono business he operated in Osaka. She moved to the US over 30 years ago, earned a degree in Business Administration from Portland State University and then managed operations and accounting functions for Japanese branch offices in Seattle. She continues her study of Japanese traditional arts (pottery, calligraphy, koto). Her experience as Treasurer of the Nichibei Women’s Network for ten years is invaluable for JACLab's board of directors. She believes there is an urgent need to preserve and build interest in the many forms of traditional Japanese arts for years to come, and feels fortunate to work with the team at JACLab who share a similar passion.

Elizabeth Lee, Board Member