We're excited to launch our fundraising campaign through the "power2give/PugetSound presented by ArtsFund" arts donation platform.

Please consider joining us in this exciting project and make a donation - then tell your friends and fellow lovers of all things Japanese! It's a unique chance to get a glimpse of the refined entertainment enjoyed by the ancient Japanese court nobles.


Our goal for this campaign is to bring Mr. Tohgi and his artistry and expertise in Japan's court music  to a local high school in Seattle.  We hope students can enjoy an enriching cultural experience that will open their eyes to the wider world and the continuity of traditions through the centuries, giving them new horizons to explore.  This presentation will be accessible in English!



Thank you for your valuable help in bring this rarefied art form to more people in Seattle!  

Click the image to become a Noh Champion on SYI!
Click the image to become a Noh Champion on SYI!

Help bring a world-class Noh troupe to Seattle!

“The Beauty of NohTomoe + Yoshinaka” can only make it to Seattle with your support. Noh performances of this caliber, given by true masters of this classical theatre form, come to the US infrequently. JACLab is fortunate to count on the participation of Munenori Takeda, one of Japan’s young Noh stars, whose family has belonged to the pre-eminent Kanze style / school of Noh for generations.

Volunteer with JACLab

We're always looking for volunteers to help us make all our unique projects happen. If you are fascinated by all things Japanese - but especially by its cultural arts - we'd love to hear from you!  We're a small team of committed individuals looking for like-minded colleagues who meet our Core Values:

- Integrity 

- Service to Community

- Respect for Others

- Positive Collaboration

If you would like to be part of a volunteer committee, chair one, or help create a program that fulfills our mission and serves the general public, feel free to reach out to us through the Contact Us page. Thank you!

Donate to JACLab

Thank you for considering a donation to Japan Arts Connection Lab. We will put your donation to good use by continuing to develop more innovative programs that bring Japan's unique cultural legacy to the world, in general-public friendly formats.


At this time, we can accept donations from residents of Washington state only, where we are duly registered with the Department of Charities.  If you would like to make a contribution, kindly write a check payable to "JACLab" and mail it to Japan Arts Connection Lab at: 


P.O. Box 28926, Seattle, WA 98118


We appreciate your support!