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Nichibu Japanese Dance Introduction and Panel Discussion

Live streamed on April 22nd, 2021 at 7:00pm PST

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This program was supported, in part, by grants from the Washington State Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts and The Japan Foundation, Los Angeles.


Our mission is to preserve Japanese traditional arts and culture, share their universal value with the world, and pass them on to future generations.


Japan Arts Connection Lab (JACLab) was born to provide a dynamic platform for Japanese artisans and master craftsmen to share their gifts, techniques, and passion for their craft with the rest of the world.  By opening doors to new audiences outside of Japan, we aim to connect current and future generations in a way that will foster the continued growth and application of Japan’s timeless and universal aesthetic values.  We believe these can benefit people of all races, nationalities, backgrounds, and interests.


We aim to pass on the invaluable qualities found in Japan's master arts and crafts to future generations. The classical arts of Japan embody aesthetic values that are uniquely Japanese and yet universally moving. Developed over many centuries through unbroken lines of master-apprentice training, these artistic traditions remain highly relevant for today's communities.



Through our unique links to a wide range of Japanese artists and craftsmen, JACLab brings this rich source of knowledge, skills, and artistry to the general public and private art collectors alike. Our programs and services aim to construct and inform a community that can learn, appreciate, master, and ultimately carry on the skills, artistry, and knowledge embodied in Japan's heritage arts. 


Our programs deliver new and engaging ways to strengthen cultural understanding and diversity in Seattle's local communities and beyond. Our collaborations with other organizations further enrich the educational and artistic fabric of public life.  Our community of partners, supporters, and volunteers leverage various artistic disciplines, digital technology, and social media to bring ancient art forms to new and exciting life. Our efforts produce unique experiences that simultaneously educate and entertain new audiences around the world. Ready to support us? Click on the button below for donation and volunteer information!

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