May 31, 2019

Yu Emao: Takarazuka Performance at MICEC


Mercer Island Community & Event Center


Support our organization by joining us for a rare dinner show by Yu Emao, former Snow Troupe Top Star of the Takarazuka Revue. Since 1914, the Revue has been celebrated for its dream-like stages and beautiful performances by rigorously trained, all-female performers.  This event focuses on raising support for JACLab and its mission of making unique Japanese arts accessible to the people of Washington. Enjoy a traditional Japanese bento and a musical show by a master performer. Browse our website and like us on Facebook to learn more about JACLab. Meet our performer below. And stay tuned for ticket details!


Born in Meguro, Tokyo, Yu Emao has played many roles throughout her Takarazuka career. Her performances as James Dean, Riff (Westside Story), Ryoma Sakamoto, and Souji Okita catapulted her to stardom within the company. In 2002, she held a solo concert at Akasaka Blitz. It was the first music concert-style performance in Takarazuka history.


After retiring from Takarazuka in 2002, Emao continues to be active in show business as an actress, singer, and voice actress.



1987: Joins Takarazuka Revue after graduating from Takarazuka Music School with famed actress, Yuki Amami (Japanese: 天海祐希)

1992: Selected as one of the performer for the Takarazuka New York Tour at Joyce Theater

2002: Becomes Top Star of Snow Troupe

2002: Stars in Daihatsu TV commercial

2017: Releases her album, "Un Sourire", celebrating 35 years in the entertainment industry