Traveling Arts


Japan Arts Connection Lab (JACLab) fulfills its mission of sharing Japan's traditional arts and their universal value with the rest of the world through its "Traveling Arts" activities program. By working with informed community partners such as museums, theaters, and schools as well as with musicians and performers, our team conceptualizes new and refreshing ways to present Japan's classical arts to modern audiences. By doing so, we aim to provide the general public in the US with more pathways to learning about universal themes of Japanese culture.  By operating as a nonprofit supported by government grants in Japan and the US, we hope to make these forms of high culture more affordable for a general audience.


For the community partners we work with, our goal is to provide access to heretofore unknown master artists and their craft in a wide variety of traditional Japanese areas, ranging from beautiful exhibitions of priceless kimono that the general public can enjoy, to special Noh performances produced in an interactive format accessible to children, adults, and senior citizens alike.